Northeast Watercraft Reconstruction Specialists investigates and reconstructs pleasure craft, personal watercraft and near coastal commercial collisions. The staff has years of law enforcement experience and sea time, backed by a skilled technical staff, that can investigate, analyze and reconstruct a watercraft collision and present the findings in court.

NeWARS is based in Newburyport, Massachusetts on the Merrimack River. Newburyport has a long seafaring history, and is the birthplace of the United States Coast Guard. The Merrimack River and Plum Island Sound are known for strong currents and shifting bars which makes the area rich in fish stocks and game fish.  This makes the area a destination for the day boater, cruiser or fisherman. This location perfectly suits our focus on recreational and near coastal commercial vessel accident investigation and reconstruction. With resources that include decades of sea experience coupled with over thirty-five years of law enforcement experience, Northeast Watercraft Accident Reconstruction Specialists offers a complete range of investigative services.

Robert J. Cronin founded NeWARS and is a licensed United States Coast Guard Master. Captain Cronin also has over twenty-seven years of law enforcement experience, the majority involving collision investigation, reconstruction, and analysis.

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