Each collision brings a distinctive fact pattern. This is even more evident in a waterborne environment where vessel dynamics are influenced by wind and current. This influence is known as Set and Drift and is but one of many small differences between investigating a land based collision and a watercraft collision. Northeast Watercraft Accident Reconstruction Specialists understands these distinctions. Our investigators have completed watercraft incident and accident reconstruction from the University of North Florida Institute of Police Technology and Management and the National Association of State Boating Law Administers and well as Commonwealth of Massachusetts Harbormaster Training so they understand the effects of the marine environment. This expertise is bolstered by law enforcement experience and United States Coast Guard documented sea time. Northeast Watercraft Accident Reconstruction Specialists bring together education, experience and the skill needed in this unique environment.

The conclusion of a proper investigation is a courtroom presentation. It is here that the Northeast Watercraft Accident Reconstruction Specialists excel. We provide testimony that is not only confident and concise, but is backed by a support staff that is equipped to provide visual aids that allow a watercraft collision to be suitably illustrated for the courtroom environment.